A free Trade Zone in Nassau part 2

Free Trade has been in force for a long time, internally speaking, in vast countries like the United States, Canada, China but this had little influence on foreign trade. A conspicuous feature of the European Common Market has been to reduce tariff walls within, and safe -guard common interests by a policy of high protection against import, the Bahamas is unquestionably location unbelievable blessed went looking at USA and Canada The key for the Bahamas:

(¡) More extensive intra’-regional trade relation, including grant of special privileges on a mutual basis designed to encourage increased interchange of goods among member -countries USA and Canada( ¡¡) Establishment of industries which call for large markets and huge investments, and the products of which may be distributed among all the members of the Economic bloc: these industries can be allocated among the various member -countries, and the selection thereof is not intended to rule out the establishment of similar industries in other countries whenever the expanding market justifies such course.

( ¡¡¡) The Bahamas Creation of organizations for the purpose of improving the bargaining position of the raw materials producers in the three region in the marketing of their products. (Iv)Expansion of individual countries ‘over -sea fleets of merchant ship, in order to further trade within the region and with the rest of the world. (v)Setting up of an organisation for the stabilisation of prices and supply of essential consumer goods :to this end a fund may have to be set up which will be by contributions from member -countries.

( Vi) Exchange of know ‘-how and technicians among member ‘-countries of the block, and liberalisation of immigration laws and regulations governing the interchange of skilled personnel we can have IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Google they be here,( vii) Establishment of a system of multinational payment conducive to maximum trade reciprocity among the member -countries

We need Medical Tourism like cayman and Panama link with John Hopkins they are doing business in Panama create a new hospital all a part of free Trade Zone in Nassau.

Data is more powerful oli we must create data digital business under the new trade Zone face book can help us as well Google. Academic qualifications although very desirable, do not automatically make a successful investigator The most important requisite is the missionary spirit, an attitude of sympathy and a high level of patience and presence from all Bahamians we can overwhelmed achieve this new economic order the inexhaustible spirit of all Bahamians people’s will get this country back to work we have solidarity.