Why do some nations succeed and others fail in international competition?
This question is perhaps the most frequently asked economic question of our times. Competitiveness has become one of the central preoccupations of government and industry in every nation.

In the 1950s the Soviet bear’s mititary power seemed to be matched by its economic and technological capabilities. The Russian sputnik Flew;the American equivalent did not. In the 1950s the Soviet Union was growing faster than the United States.

The word ILLuminati is derived from Lucifer, and means ‘holders of the light ‘.using the lie to bring about a one world Government. ‘Trumpism’ is “weishaupt” Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained professor of canon law.

Trumpism will be just one of a number of equal players playing a game where the rules increasingly will be written by others. Among the capitalistic economics it will have to make the largest changes. Those changes will be very difficult psychologically.

Both Europe and china believe that Trump administration has a role to in economic growth of the world . But that success will come with a high price.

Historically, individuals, Firms and countries became rich if they possessed more natural resources.

New technologies and new institutions are combining to substantially alter these four traditional sources of competitive advantage. Natural resources essentially drop out of the competitive equation.
New product technologies become secondary; new process technologies become primary welcome to Trump world.

The green revolution is being matched by a materials -science revolution, where less and less natural resources are being used per unit of GNP .

Multinational status is a reflection of a company’s ability to exploit strengths gained in one nation in order to establish a position in other nations. Multinational are most common, outside of natural resources involving scarce deposits, in industries with differentiated products and high research intensity, where successful firms have skills and know -how that can be exploited abroad.

The role of Multinational must indeed be integral to any comprehensive effort to explain competitive success in the industry.

The globalization of industries and the internationalization of companies leaves us with a paradox. It is tempting to conclude that the nation has lost its role in the international success of its firms.

Competitives advantage is created and sustained through a highly localized process. Differences in national economic structure, values, cultures, institutions, and histories contribute profoundly to competitive success. The role of the home nation seems to be as strong as or stronger than ever.

Second, successful international competitors often compete with global strategies in which trade and foreign investment are integrated.

Trumpism shift in technology, USA infrastructure creat major difference in competitive position among the world firms from different nations or make the advantages of a global strategy more significant.

An act of strategic innovation often unlocks the potential for globalization.

Strategic alliances with Russia is the key to carrying out global economy strategies the world need Russian now.

Trumpism see the benefits doing business with Russia economic mass-produced and structural change provides the opportunity for the United States and Russia by aggressively developing rapidly growth in different business action.

Since technology lies behind man -made comparative advantage, research and development become critical.

In an isolated national economy, President Kennedy could talk in 1960 about how a rising economic tide would raise all boats.

How will Europe deal with Trumpism.

The American problem does not lie in the severity of the necessary solution. America’s tough problem is realizing that there are problems that must be solved.

In summary ,I have attempted to review, in objective fashion, the new world oreder mian society at its most important levels. I am hopeful that this critical yet realistic discussion will open up a few eyes to the urgency of understanding Trumpism playing Games with Karl Ritter’s a German Professor of History and Geopolitical science.

He wrote the anti — thesis to Karl Marx’s communist Manifesto. He also drew up a plan by which he maintained the Aryan Race could first dominate Europe and then the entire world. Certain Athletic leaders of the Aryan Group adopted Karl Ritter’s plan. Today we watching new Trump boys secret ambitions to obtain ultimate control of the world new order.

Karl Ritter coldbloodedly recommended the total destruction of communism and the extermination of Jewish Race as essential to obtaining ultimate control of international Affairs by the Altra-right.

Undoubtedly many people will ask “But how could the Devil inoculate the minds of men with Atheistic and other evil ideas? “

Evidence will be to show how this game has been conducted in the past, and what moves are likely to be made in the near future, to enable Trump administration to win at this New order game.