The Neo-con “I can’t breath “

“Man is Born free and yet we see him everywhere in chain “

Those who believe themselves the of others cease not to be even greater slaves than the people they govern. How this happens I am ignorant; but, if I am asked what renders it justifiable, I believe it may be in my power to resolve the question.

In order to understand the Cause in the past, Which have produced the Effects we experience to-day, especially in regard to the unsatisfactory state of national and international Affairs, history must be Studied because history does repeat itself.

History repeats itself because there has been perfect continuity of purpose in the stuggle which has been going on since the beginning of Time between the forces of Good and Evil to decide whether the Rule of Almighty God ,Shall prevail, or Whether the world shall literally go to the Neo -con. The issue is just as simple as that “racism” is now real ‘.

War -monger have used propaganda to divide human beings into oppsing camps on political, social economic and religious issues so they could stir them up into such a state of emotionalism that racism can causes to fight and kill each other in the of Neo-conism.

This is common liberty is a consequence of the nature of man. His first law is that of self -preservation, his first cares those he owes to himself; and as soon as he has attained the age of reason,being the only judge of the means proper to preserve himself, he becomes at once his own master .

Aristotle was right; but he mistook the effects for the cause of the real object of a Neo-con. Nothing is more certain than that all men who are born in slavery are born for slavery. Slaves become so debased by their chains as to lose even the desire of breaking from them; they love their servitude, even the companion of Ulysses loved their brutishness. It is hidden incidents which reveal so much truth.

The term Aryan actually denotes the lingual groups otherwise known as Indo -European, or Indo-Germanic. Naziism and used Neo-con and Fascism, and all anti-Semitic groups right of center to serve their purpose, and further their secret plans for world domination and put us all back psychological slavery as well economic.

A provocative systematic master plan is being orchestrated to provoke another war to deepen neo-con domination of world control, their ultimate plan is to create conflict between China and Japan so that they can go to war in order to control china’s economywith a partnership agreement with white Russia .

China ironically is the most important country for the developing world under a Trump administration the neo-con attempt to dominate China’s economy will fail believe it or not, but it is empathic that China is the antidote against neo-conism and white supremacy under a Trump administration of domination of the world, and their attempt to extort the world by minipulaing the world’s econonomy as we know it today.

Every counry in the world should be very supicious of a Neo-conism administration because their entire sovernty is at risk.

Let us not forget how the Iraq war was started with lies deciet and propaganda.

We must be cognisant of the fact that all of us are being dominated in the past by a vicious form of slavery orchestrated by the ultra-neo of the white supremist.

World war I and world war II was no coincident “president Franklyn Roosevelt says there is no coincident in life period” more reasonly former President Bill Glinton made a most provocative statement in regards to president elect Trump “ he does not know much but he knows to make white man angry”

I stated earlier all i can see when i looking around all are men are enslaved in chains.
This statement from former president Bill Glinton should put us on the alert.

It is imperitive that the global community should have counter measures in place to protect us from the on slot of white supremacy in the developing world.

North Carolina Republicans “legislative coup” will be the template for the new Trump administration in Washington.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle (384–322Bc),said that man was by nature a political animal .He argued that it was within man’s natural development to in some sort of ordered society under a system of government.

We will be bearing witness to an authoratative State of America fight against unjust legal system. can’t breath is a daily cry in the United States.

Democracy as we know in the US will create political instability with an authoritanism masterplan with a white supremacy agenda of hate.

We must never forget what has taken place in North Carolina by the GOP.

We are now entering the treacherous world of ideologies where we are as likely to be mislead as informed. Nevertheless, it is an area which must be explored if we are to make distinction between Neo-conism political systems generally recognised political is based or influenced with white man ideology.

For example, the acts of declaring war and making peace are considered as acts of sovereignty, when in fact they are not so, because neither of these acts is a law but only the application of the law, a particular act which determines the application of the law. There must therefore be convention and laws to combine our duties and rights, and to direct justice to its end.

But what, in fine,is a law? While men content themselves with affixing none but metaphysical idea to this word, they must continue to reason without understanding one another; and when they have said what a law of nature is,they will still be no less ignorant of what a of the State is.

I have already said that there can be no general will directed towards a Neo — con State or Aryan political systems in The United States of America. The New order The members of the one world Government would be appointed by the Neo-fascist imperialistic aggression. , They y would pick men from amongst the scientists, the economist, the financiers, the industrialists, and and from the Billionaire because “in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures “ We in Caribbean must be very careful send our sons to the Educations in the United States .

We all one people one race christ die for all human beings we all have free will and must decide for for themselves whether believe in law order we looting we are not born to burn business or steal clothes foods are born to respect law and order. Totally sick what I am watching on TV in the United States.

George Floyd protests it not excuse for “free-for -all “ and looted in the night around the United States it totally wrong ,vandalism key commercial section is sick. I was very happy went see police officers kneel a rally in coral Gables Florida may 20, 2020 we have hope for a one world race .we must be cognizant of the biological fact where are no black race or white race or yellow race literally only one human race we have brimeborion nor languescent about us as human beings. We must destroy Neo -racism through their combined efforts of nosism.

The world is caballine and ultracrepidarian bound in some profound way to our human race. We all share one world that embrace us all with diamantiferous Morther Earth that never robbery us from breathing. Racism seek to destroy all us their memdacilouqent pleasure, is deltiology for gossiponline negative things about all of us we must act with nummimorous spirit of solidarity again and shield ourselves again hate we must cry out as human beings and point them.

My dear world let clothed each other with love with divine blessings inherited from God himself. “Can’t breath “